Used Food Machinery and Processing Equipment

Progressu is expert in providing complete solutions for your needs when it comes to selling food processing equipment, dismantling processing equipment or complete factories. We’ve got a total package solution for your problem.

We specialize in the remarketing of used food processing equipment and complete factories. Based in Germany but operating all over the globe. With more than 25 years of trading experience in the food processing industry we are a reliable and trustworthy partner when it comes to selling your food processing equipment.





A small selection of wich food processing machinery we buy

  • Meat processing: Bandsaws, derinders, vacuum fillers, bowl choppers, mincers, mixers.
  • Fish processing: gutting machines, needle injectors, separators, graders, filleting machines, skinning machines.
  • Refrigeration: flow freezers, spiral freezers, tunnel freezers, refrigeration plants, nitrogen freezers.
  • Vegetable processing: multihead weighers, peelers, cutters, carrot toppers, dicers, harvesters.
  • Packaging machinery: flap closers, carton erectors, flow wrappers, shrink tunnels, tray sealers, top and bottom tapers, vacuum packers.